Cycling Citizen: Day 7 – Dinosaur Land

Last night I camped in some woods off of the highway.  it was gorgeous this morning waking up to the sun on all of the fresh spring grass.  This morning I made some oatmeal and some coffee.  The oatmeal is kind of an experiment to see if my gluten intolerance rejects it or not.  Hopefully I don’t reject it because I like oatmeal whole lot more than I like grits.

If all goes well, I can abandon the grits.  As of writing this (at 7pm) I have noticed no side effects.  So with a few more days, I should be shedding the grits!

Good news is that my sister is in the area and at some point she will meet up with me and I will be able to shed a lot of the stuff that has not worked out for me.  Could not be a better time as in the morning my first ten miles have a 2,000 foot climb as I get up into the Shenandoah Mountains .

Today after a few miles of biking I come across one of the most interesting places that I have been since I have headed out. While driving down the highway I come across Dinosaur Land!  Dinosaur Land ROCKS! While I was there I was attacked my real life size dinosaurs!  Including King Kong (I did not know that King Kong was a dinosaur, but whatever)!

Moving on, I hit my next town called White Post, VA.  The town White Post has a white post in the center of the main intersection.  This seams fitting, and apparently this white post has been there since the 1700’s!

After White post I rode off towards Front Royal, VA.  The weather er great today and the ride was great.

When I arrived in Front Royal, I chilled out in a coffee shop until it closed charging up.

Night folks!